Cafe Zawara Coffee, Putrajaya, Malaysia (Coffee Shop)

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After a long busy day at the office, it’s time for my friends and I to chill at a nearby cafe and grab some caffeine. Currently, there is a new cafe that caught my attention. Local people keep talking about how hip and unique the cafe is. Located at Ayer@8, Precint 8 Putrajaya, Malaysia, Zawara Coffee is the hip spot to be (allegedly). Curious, I went to check it out.


It wasn’t hard to find this cafe, it is located just next to Meatballs & Co (definitely gonna review this next) and the parking lot is not an issue. If parking lots nearby the cafe are full, there is basement parking provided.


It’s a must to have your table facing the Putrajaya Lake view. You can see Masjid Besi (Putrajaya Iron Mosque)’s unique architecture building across the lake. Too bad I forgot to snap some cool pics of the lake. It is totally breathtaking if you go there during sunset.

The concept of this cafe is self-service. You can get the menu at the counter, place your order and you will be given that thingy above (I don’t know the name of it). That thingy vibrates as your order is ready to be picked up at the counter.

So, we ordered:



The concept of food in a box is very convenient for me. The burger’s taste is unique because this is like a fusion burger, not like typical burgers like we always been served with a patty, some veggies like lettuce and tomatoes.The veggies are replaced with arugula and pickles. Unfortunately, the patty was dry and not juicy. As a burger fan, I found it’s a bummer. Ok, moving on to the next menu.



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Singapore Red Lamb Shank is one of the top picks for Zawara Coffee customers. Served with 2 slices of bread, a lamb shank covered in red bloody gravy. At first, it looks like Snow White’s heart, but don’t worry! It’s literally a lamb shank and totally edible. Hahaha! Sadly, great presentation doesn’t always equal great taste too – the gravy is poorly seasoned. The good part is, the lamb meat is tender. For this menu, it comes with a set of plastic gloves. So if you are one of those “omg-i-can’t-get-my-hands-dirty” type of person, surely they would be very useful!




This is another fusion style of spaghetti where Italian cuisine meets Thai. Sounds fancy but the taste of arugula mixed with the thai-flavored spaghetti is just so bizarre. It probably be better if they just made a Tom Yum flavored spaghetti. The concept was unique but I just don’t feel it’s up to my food standards 😉


Beverages-wise, they were perfect. Maybe the main attraction of this cafe is the unique beverages. Anyway, these are the only food that we have tried. Maybe on our next visit, we will try other interesting items on the menu and keep you posted.

Overall, Zawara Coffee is a good place for you to hangout, catch-up with friends and release some stress by enjoying a sip of unique caffeinated beverages! 🙂

For location in Putrajaya Branch :
C1-G-3A, Ayer@8, Jalan P8G, Precint 8, Putrajaya (facing Putrajaya Lake)

Sunday – Thursday : 9.00am – 11.00pm
Friday – Saturday : 9.00am – 12.00pm

For other branches, you may refer to this link :

P.S. : The staff are so friendly. We didn’t encounter any rude employees.  They are very courteous and actually this made my visit. If only they would fix their weird-tasting food to match their great service, more people would come to this place.

I hope you enjoyed my review of Zawara Coffee Cafe, Putrajaya, Malaysia.

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