Kiwi Fruit Tea with Ice Jelly and Aloe Vera at Share Tea

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Kiwi Fruit Tea with Ice Jelly and Aloe Vera at Share Tea

I’ve been coming to Share Tea on Convoy St. in Kearny Mesa, San Diego, quite several tims now. Share Tea is one of the newest boba tea place in San Diego. And this is my current favorite beverage there and let me tell you why.

First off, instead of just kiwi and/or fruit flavoring, they actually use real kiwis and orange (jams) in the tea so you know you are getting the good stuff. There are actual kiwi pieces in there that you would be eating.

The tea comes with ice jelly already. Honestly I have no idea what ice jelly is but think of it as slightly sweet gummy bears in your tea. You can also add other toppings if you’d like for another 50 cents each. Choices of toppings are boba balls, lychee jelly, aloe vera etc. I usually don’t add another topping but because there is a $5 minimum credit card charge and this tea was $4.25, I figured I’d try adding aloe vera. The aloe vera surprising is good and not drenched in sugar by the way.

With Share Tea you can adjust sweetness level (0%, 30%, 50% and 100%) and also the amount of ice (normal, less or no ice). So I asked for 50% sweetness and less ice. The result however is still too sweet for me. I told the lovely manager about this and she added more tea to my drink and she said because they add orange jam, this tea is best with 30% or 0%. I wish they would tell that when I was ordering. But after she added the additional liquid, it was perfection.

Next time I order this, I probably won’t add another topping though because ice jelly was enough. While I love aloe, I think it’s overkill on top of the jelly.

So try this tea if you come to Share Tea Convoy St San Diego California next time. It’s also their top 10 most popular teas and you’ll understand why. ?

I hope you enjoyed my review of Kiwi Fruit Tea with Ice Jelly and Aloe Vera at Share Tea, Convoy St. San Diego, California.

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