M.I. Tea Express Passion Fruit Tea Boba Review

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M.I. Express – 7655 Clairemont Mesa Blvd. San Diego, Ca.

I normally frequent Share Tea and Tapioca Express in the Kearny Mesa area but I decided to give this place a go since it newly opened and I’m always driving by.

I rolled in here around 11:30am on a Thursday. When I walked in the door there was literally no one there. No customers or anyone working behind the counter. It took them 5 minutes to see that I was waiting at the register.

The inside of the place was small since it’s located in a little out building on the side of Zion Market. The furniture was new and things seemed cleaner than some other boba joints I’m accustomed to. And like other boba joints, there wasn’t much to say about the decor and ambiance except that there isn’t any.

I saw that they have an Earl Grey and Rose Milk tea which peaked my interest. So I ordered that with boba and the ubiquitous popcorn chicken. A few minutes after ordering and paying, the person working behind the counter informed me that they forgot to turn their brewer on so they couldn’t make me the Rose & Earl Grey tea after all.

They offered to upgrade me to the larger sized tea for my inconvenience. So I ordered a Passion Fruit tea with boba instead.

The Passion fruit was pretty standard if a bit watery. Nothing to write home about. The popcorn chicken was decent and could be compared to the crispy chicken at Tapioca Express but this was definitely greasier and not the sacred blend of herbs and spices so coveted in the aforementioned crispy chicken. It came with a sprig of Thai basil on the top which was a nice touch.

All in all, the service was fast and friendly here. I’ll definitely be back since I didn’t get to try the Earl Grey and Rose milk tea. I’ll probably also return here on those days when I’m dying for Tapioca Express but I’m too lazy to deal with the parking lot sitch over there.

I hope you enjoyed my review of Passionfruit Tea at M.I. Tea Express, Clairemont Mesa Blvd. San Diego, California.

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