Sneak Peak: Introducing Marriott Bonvoy!

Marriott Bonvoy Hotel Loyalty Program

It is now confirmed! Marriott Bonvoy TM is the new Marriott’s hotel loyalty program name launching this year. Are you excited???!

I know this is my second Marriott’s post in one month! And no, Marriott International, Inc. is not paying me to write this article. I just want you (my most awesomest blog follower) to know the latest juicy details! 😘

Marriott Bonvoy release date set to February 13th 2019

Say bye-bye 😭to our (read: my) favorite Starwood Preferred Guest® program. While you are at it, say au revoir to the Ritz-Carlton Rewards® and Marriott Rewards® as well. Mark your calendar on the day before Valentine’s day ‘cuz they are all going away! Sobss…….

Welcome our new hotel loyalty program overlord: Marriott Bonvoy

Starting February 13th 2019, Marriot’s new hotel loyalty program will come into existence. All hail Marriott Bonvoy! Access Marriot’s expanded 29 brands including luxury ones like the Ritz-Carlton and the W hotels to budget ones like Courtyard by Marriott and Four Points in numerous locations worldwide. All under one single umbrella hotel loyalty program.

Note: The following is a screenshot of – all logos, brands and graphics depicted in the imagery are property of Marriott International, Inc.

Why should I care?

Alright, why the fuss about one single hotel loyalty program you say?

Well for starters, it simplify things. Stay in any of Marriott’s 6700 hotels worldwide and all your hotel reservations, nights/stays and points get deposited into a single hotel loyalty account. That’s on one website. That’s easier to track than logging into 3 separate programs’ websites, isn’t it?

Second, when you stay in any of Marriott’s 29 brands, your night(s) count toward a single Elite tier structure. Again, this simplify your progress towards Marriot Bonvoy’s Elite Tiers. Elite Tiers work like this: from basic member (read: nobody), you become Silver Elite if you stay 10 nights/year, Gold Elite if you stay 25 nights/year, so on and so forth. So by counting all your nights in one single program, you progress to the next tier faster. I’ll write a post explaining this in greater detail shortly.

Each elite tier brings forth new benefits that all the basic peeps don’t get. For example, when you become Gold Elite, you can request late checkout up to 2pm (based on availability). That’s an awesome perk! For a non-morning person like me, a few extra hours for me to take my sweet time to get ready to checkout is totes worth it!!! With Marriott Bonvoy, this Elite tier benefit will be recognized everywhere.

Did I mention one website? Yep, one Marriott Bonvoy site for all things Marriott. Also one Marriott Bonvoy app to use on your mobile phones.

New year. New you. And New Marriott Bonvoy Elite Tier names.

Once you become a glorious Marriott Bonvoy Elite, you iz so fancy! Complete with fancy status names. With legacy Marriott Rewards and SPG, there was Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Now with Marriott Bonvoy, things get even snazzier.

Silver Elite, Gold Elite and Platinum Elite stays the same. However say hello to Titanium Elite (previously Platinum Premier Elite) – a 75 nights achievement unlocked! Cue the song from David Guetta feat. Sia :

I’m bulletproof nothing to lose
Fire away, fire away
Ricochet, you take your aim
Fire away, fire away
You shoot me down but I won’t fall, I am titanium
You shoot me down but I won’t fall
I am titanium, I am titanium, I am titanium, I am titanium Elite!!!!

I used to feel proud saying I’m a SPG Platinum member. Now Marriott Bonvoy’s Titanium makes Platinum looks and sounds pedestrian. Basic. PEASANT! 🤪

And if you have a spare $20k lying around the house (and like who doesn’t right?), you can raise the Elitist rank to the ultimate, most ultimatum, uber-bonvoy royalty called Ambassador Elite by donating that 20 grand spare change to Marriott and staying 100 nights. With that, you get a concierge person. How cool! 🙄

What do you think of the name Marriott Bonvoy though?

Not quite sure if I like the new name at this moment though. What do you think? It is like Bon Voyage without the “age”. Hmm… 🤔

Please comment below and let us know what you think?

But yeah. Marriott Bonvoy is coming. Mark your calendars people! February 13th 2019. 🥳

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Thanks for reading!

– Shah.


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