Best Tokyo Accommodation – The Ritz-Carlton Tokyo Modern Japanese Suite review

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Best Tokyo Accommodation - The Ritz-Carlton Tokyo Japanese Suite

During my last trip to Japan, I was fortunate to experience one of the best Tokyo accommodation ever – the Modern Japanese Suite at The Ritz-Carlton Tokyo, Japan. And let me tell you, it was A-MA-ZING!!! I mean do I not look happy in the pic above? ?


Best Hotel in Tokyo: The Ritz-Carlton Tokyo

You’re going to Tokyo soon. You’re excited. But where to stay in Tokyo? Well if you are fancy-schmancy like moi, you probably would want to stay at one of the 5 star hotels in Tokyo, Japan. And if you ask me, I would totes recommend the Ritz-Carlton Tokyo.

I truly do think the Ritz-Carlton Tokyo is the best place to stay in Tokyo (and no I’m not being paid to say this). Yeah i I know there are plenty of luxury hotels in Tokyo to choose from but the Ritz-Carlton Tokyo really stands out from the crowd. Other than the fact that the Ritz-Carlton brand is world famous for its superior facilities and fantastic service, this particular Ritz-Carlton surpassed my every expectation. It’s located in the highest building in exuberant Rappongi District. There’s a posh shopping mall connected to it in the lower floors, lively nightlife everywhere you look, easy access to the subway lines and Tokyo’s version of Eiffel tower, the Tokyo Tower is close by!


Tokyo Accommodation at its finest: The Modern Japanese Suite

Okay “I’m sold!” you say, “but wait, which room should I pick”? Yep, there are plenty of Ritz-Carlton Tokyo Japan rooms to choose from, and in this review, I’m going to tell you why you should pick the Modern Japanese suite.

Let’s start the virtual tour of my Modern Japanese suite, one of the Ritz-Carlton Tokyo rooms through its front door, which totally look demure like any other rooms in this Tokyo hotel.

The Ritz Carlton Tokyo Rooms - Modern Japanese Suite - Front Door


However, once you enter the Ritz Tokyo Japanese Suite front door, you’re magically transported to another dimension, kinda like Doraemon’s Dokodemo / Anywhere door to ancient Japan! You’re now outside of what appears to be the entrance of a traditional Japanese house, complete with a sliding door! Cool huh? I like the little chair that you can sit while putting your shoes on.

The Ritz Carlton Tokyo Rooms - Modern Japanese Suite - Front Entrance


Now let’s walk into the Japanese suite aka house at this point lol…


The biggest bed at the one of the best Hotels in Tokyo

After walking up a few steps (yes there’s some little steps) to the right, you will be going into the bedroom and you’ll be like Ohhhh mmmm geee! ? Possibly the biggest bed you’ll see in a Tokyo hotel room (space is like a rare, precious commodity in Japan). I was just shocked and amazed how humongous the bed was! Probably can fit 5 people in there!!! And it is probably the biggest bed of all the Ritz-Carlton Tokyo rooms too! Naturally I had to pose all over the bed (one of those pictures you already saw early in this post hehe)

The Ritz-Carlton Tokyo Rooms - Modern Japanese Suite - Bed

And by the way, the massive Japanese suite bed is as plush and as comfy as it looks! I’ve slept on gabajilions (read: MANY) of hotel beds and I can say that this bed is by far one of the most luxurious 5 star hotel beds I’ve slept on! Oh I’ve also experienced the beds of the other Ritz-Carlton Tokyo rooms and I can also say this is their best one! Also I get why it’s called the “Modern Japanese Suite” else there won’t be such plush bed. Traditional Japanese bed is the floor and a little pillow for your neck…umm I’ll take this one!

The gargantuan bed also overlooks (in my humble opinion) the best view (other than Mt. Fuji of course) money can buy in Tokyo; the Tokyo Tower!

The Ritz-Carlton Tokyo Rooms - Modern Japanese Suite - Bed with Tokyo Tower View

By the way, have you considered these must-haves for your travel packing list?

Million dollar luxury hotel Tokyo Tower view

I mean just look at that breathtaking Tokyo Tower view and the lively Rappongi District (those bright, lighted up buildings) – you don’t even have to leave your Ritz-Carlton luxury hotel Tokyo suite!!! I love how well my Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100 III Camera captures the night shot of this magnificent Tokyo Tower. How’s that for a WOW Tokyo accommodation?

Fantastic Tokyo Accommodation with Tokyo Tower view


There’s also this big bench, day-bed thing by the window if you like to just sit there drinking your Ritz-Carlton Tokyo tea or coffee (oh yeah they are specially made for Ritz-Carlton) and admire the amazing million dollar luxury hotel Tokyo view.

The Ritz-Carlton Tokyo Rooms - Modern Japanese Suite - Bench with Tokyo Tower View


There are traditional Japanese sliding doors across from the Ritz-Carlton Tokyo hotel Japanese Suite bed that leads to the partitioned living area. At the corner, you are provided a Yukata (kinda like an informal kimono robe for guys in the summer) that you can enjoy in your five star Tokyo hotel room.

The Ritz-Carlton Tokyo Rooms - Modern Japanese Suite - Sliding doors


The Ritz-Carlton Tokyo Yukata is for your enjoyment during your stay. This is why I said this is the best Tokyo accommodation you can find! Details people! Everything was well thought out – right down to the luxury hotel amenities like this. Hospitality done right. Bar none.

Experience Tokyo Accommodation and Hospitality with a Yukata


Luxury Tokyo Accommodation that comes with a Living Room

As I mentioned, slide the doors away from the bedroom to reveal a spacious living room, complete with sofa, coffee table, writing desk, and opens into a coffee/tea nook that you can enjoy.

The Ritz-Carlton Tokyo Rooms - Modern Japanese Suite - Living Room


And of course a huge TV that I never used. I mean I was in Tokyo, why would I be watching TV when I can go explore?

The Ritz-Carlton Tokyo Rooms - Modern Japanese Suite - Living Room TV


Did you notice what’s on the coffee table? ? Macaroons for my belated birthday! Thank you so much to the management at The Ritz-Carlton Tokyo!

The Ritz-Carlton Tokyo Rooms - Modern Japanese Suite - Macaroons


This Tokyo hotel suite writing desk is quite unique because you get to sit on the floor chair to write stuff. Ya know like the olden days of Tokyo!

The Ritz-Carlton Tokyo Rooms - Modern Japanese Suite - Living Room Desk


Next to the desk there’s more sliding doors with some standard Ritz Tokyo accommodation amenities like safe, shoe polish (or you can call for a complimentary shoe shine service). Oh and the cute Kimono origami is a nice touch! Again, details!!! ?

The Ritz-Carlton Tokyo Rooms - Modern Japanese Suite - Safe and Amenities


And of course, robes, slippers and luggage holders. I love Ritz Tokyo slippers! They are thick, plush and comfy! I’m not a fan of the robes so I used the Yukata instead.

The Ritz-Carlton Tokyo Rooms - Modern Japanese Suite - Robes and Slippers


And all these extra storage spaces I never used. Have you ever seen other Tokyo accommodation that have so much space??!!

Ritz Tokyo Accommodation with so much storage space!


When you visit any Tokyo hotels 5 star, you ask for tea!

And luckily for me, my Ritz-Carlton Tokyo hotel Japanese Suite comes with complimentary hot/tea coffee service. Just give them a call and the Butler will happily come by your room to serve you! And he will even take your picture if you ask nicely ?

The Ritz-Carlton Tokyo Rooms - Modern Japanese Suite - Tea Time


I never had Chamomile Apple tea before but it was fantastic! Like I need anymore reason to believe this is the best place to stay in Tokyo! ?

Best place to stay in Tokyo with the best Chamomile and Apple Tea


Let’s take a look at the Ritz Tokyo Hotel’s bathroom

When you leave the bedroom, at the end of the hall is your bathroom facilities.

The Ritz-Carlton Tokyo Rooms - Modern Japanese Suite - Hallway


There are two sinks and a nicely sized separate vanity section. I think all luxury hotels Tokyo should aspire to have their bathroom setup like this. I mean if you’re a lady looking to put on your makeup, you don’t want to do it over the sink, do you?

The Ritz-Carlton Tokyo Rooms - Modern Japanese Suite - Bathroom


On each side of the sinks, you get one set of towels and a host of Ritz-Carlton hotel standard amenities like comb, emery board, mouthwash, shaving cream, toothbrush, hair brush, razor oh my! And the silver Ritz Tokyo packaging is totes classy!

The Ritz-Carlton Tokyo Rooms - Modern Japanese Suite - Bathroom Amenities


Next to the vanity mirror you will find a sorta traditional Japanese bath area. I love the wood panelling and the little tv by the tub.

The Ritz-Carlton Tokyo Rooms - Modern Japanese Suite - Bathroom Tub


A luxury Tokyo accommodation is not complete without a soaking tub, and Ritz-Carlton Tokyo Japanese Suite comes with a deep one! Hello bubble bath! ?  Oh and another thing, there’s bath salts included! I like it when I don’t have to ask. I mean if I’m staying in one of Tokyo hotels 5 star, I expect certain things, ya know… like bath salts. Gawd, I sound like a luxury hotel snob, don’t I? Hehehe

Luxury Tokyo accommodation complete with a deep soaking tub


The best place to stay in Tokyo comes with the best toiletries! By Asprey London, these stuff smells fantastic! You get shower gel, conditioner, shampoo, body soap, loofah to name a few! Okay too much exclamation points ?

The Ritz-Carlton Tokyo Rooms - Modern Japanese Suite - Bathroom Asprey London


The shower is a combination of modern and traditional. I’ve noticed in certain Asian countries, people like to sit down while they clean themselves so Ritz Tokyo hotel provided a little stool to do just that. And of course you have your modern detachable shower head. There’s also a small mirror if you like to look at yourself while showering ?

The Ritz-Carlton Tokyo Rooms - Modern Japanese Suite - Bathroom Shower


And finally the fancy Ritz-Carlton Tokyo Japanese toilet

Curiously the toilet is not attached in the whole bathroom setup. The toilet for this Ritz Tokyo hotel is actually out by the entrance. Not sure why that is because usually the toilet by entrance is for guests. And usually a suite at a luxury hotel Tokyo this size would have two toilets too.

The Ritz-Carlton Tokyo Rooms - Modern Japanese Suite - Toilet


My favorite part of five star tokyo hotels’ toilet (other than the warm seat) is all these buttons! I think Ritz-Carlton Tokyo some good choices for you to press ?

The Ritz-Carlton Tokyo Rooms - Modern Japanese Suite - Toilet Controls


And if you need more space to store stuff in your luxury hotel Tokyo, by the toilet there’s also place where you can store your luggage and hang clothes up.

The Ritz-Carlton Tokyo Rooms - Modern Japanese Suite - Toilet Storage


Final thoughts on the best Tokyo accommodation I’ve stayed in

Where to stay in Tokyo you ask me? Well if you actually went through all the stuff I wrote above and saw all awesome pictures, you know which Tokyo hotels 5 star to be at – The Ritz-Carlton Tokyo Japan of course! It really is the best place to stay in Tokyo – the location is fantastic and plenty of Ritz-Carlton Tokyo rooms to choose from. I totally recommend you choose the Modern Japanese suite. I also stayed in other Ritz Tokyo hotel rooms which I shall review later.

Don’t forget about these important items to bring with you when you travel!

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