Chatuchak Market Bangkok JJ Weekend Adventure

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Watch our trip to JJ Market via BTS Skytrain

Chatuchak Weekend Market or JJ Market in Bangkok is Thailand’s biggest open-door market. It is located at Kamphaeng Phet 2 Road, Chatuchak, Bangkok. The market boasts 15k stalls with 11,505+ vendors of everything you could ever wanted. LITERALLY! I’m not even joking ?

It is so huge that they had to divide it into 27 sections. Prior to Covid, we had the pleasure of going there, accompanied with our Malaysian songbird Aruel Ariel! Come and watch as we take you to a journey to JJ Market all aboard the Hogwarts Express! ? Oopsies! I mean BTS SkyTrain! ?

So what do you think of our Chatuchak Market adventure?

Did you like the Chatuchak Market video above? Is it helpful to you? We sure hope so, especially if you are planning to go there once we can travel to Thailand again. Please let us know if have any specific questions about JJ Market in the comments below.

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